Tournament Rules

Tournament Rules

The following rules are in effect for the Space City Open.


  1. EQUIPMENT: The Space City Open is played on opened, 7’ Diamond Bar Tables with tournament blue Simonis Cloth, Cyclop “Zeus” Ball Sets, Outsville Accu-Racks (template racks), and antler bridges.FORMAT: The game is 9-ball. Entry fees, races, and field sizes, are as follows: Open 9-Ball, $75, races 9/7, limited to 128. One Pocket, $100, race to 4, single elimination, limited to 32. 9-Ball Banks, $100, race to 4, single elimination, limited to 32. Ladies 9-Ball, $45, races 7/5, limited to 32. Juniors 9-Ball, $25, races 5/5, limited to 32. The 9-ball divisions are double elimination; one pocket and banks are single elimination. There is an additional five-dollar fee for each entry paid through Paypal. Players also have the option to pay at the host venue. A standard “green fee” will be taken out of each entry fee, to assist the host room in recovering table time revenue. Green fees are as follows: 9-Ball, $15. One Pocket, $20. 9-Ball Banks, $20. Ladies 9-Ball, $10. Juniors 9-Ball, $0.DRESS CODE: The promoter encourages players to be comfortable in their dress, but also represent the sport of billiards, in a dignified, professional manner, becoming the player, the event, and its sponsors.


    Acceptable: Polos or dry-fit shirts, slacks or blue jeans, and dress shoes or athletic shoes, are preferred. T-shirts are acceptable.


    Unacceptable: Shorts, flip-flops, sandals; holes or tears in clothing; graphic T-shirts.



    1. The winner of each game earns the next break. Flip a coin to determine who breaks first. Players must break with the cue ball placed in the “box”. The “box” is where the middle diamond at the breaking end, and the middle diamond on the right or left hand side of the breaking end (between the corner and side pocket) “connect” on the playing surface. If the nine-ball is pocketed in either of the bottom corner pockets, it is spotted and the breaker resumes play.


    1. Players will rack for themselves. Pattern racking is not permitted, and the two-ball must be placed in the back.


    1. If a player pockets any ball on a legal shot, he remains at the table for another shot, and continues until he misses, fouls, or wins the game by pocketing the 9-ball. Players do not have to call safeties, shots, balls, or pockets, in 9-ball.


    1. Cue ball fouls, only. Any cue ball foul is ball-in-hand. However, if a player inadvertently moves a ball during the execution of a shot, and that moved ball impedes the path of the cue ball, it is a foul. If two or more balls (other than the object ball) are moved during the execution of a shot, it is a foul; and when a ball is jumped off the table, it is a foul.


    1. Players are not permitted to concede balls to other players. Players must pocket all balls, in match games.


    1. The only ball spotted is the 9-ball. All balls pocketed, or jumped off the table, stay down.


    1. There is a three-foul rule which means three consecutive fouls is a loss of game. A player must verbally notify his opponent when they have committed two consecutive fouls, in order for the third foul to be counted.


    1. Players are permitted one five minute break per match, to be taken in between games.


    1. If a player believes his opponent may commit a foul during the commission of a shot, he must call someone to the table to watch the shot. This person may be an event referee, the tournament director, or a person both players agree on to call the shot. The call will stand. If no one is called, the shot will go to the shooter.


    1. It is the player’s responsibility to move his coin after each game. If a player forgets to move his coin, that game is not recoverable. The score on the table stands.


    1. Players may not leave the building while the tournament is in progress unless they check in at the tournament desk, first. If a player is called more than three times to his match table, he will be forfeited.


    1. There is a fifteen-minute grace period from the scheduled start time of a match, or when the match is announced. Once that grace period expires, and the player is not at his match table, he will be forfeited.


    1. Slow play, or intentionally holding up match play, is unacceptable. A warning will be issued by the tournament director, to any player who is holding up match play.


    1. Players must remain seated in their chair, while their opponent is at the table.


    1. Smoking at the table, or blowing smoke over the table, is not permitted.


    1. Ear buds for listening to music may be worn during match play, on low volume.


    1. Shot clocks may be implemented at the discretion of the tournament director.


    1. All decisions made by the tournament director, are final.


    1. Penalties for any infraction will be assessed by the tournament director.


    1. Unsportsmanlike, drunk, or disorderly conduct, will not be tolerated.